Tattoo making classes


Learning Tattoo art is not just about learning how to ride/operate a tattoo machine, it is like any other art field where the basic necessity is the art skill in yourself. There are many so called self-claimed tattoo artist who know how to use the tattoo machine and the tattoo process, but cant draw a single thing, they don’t even have basic fundamental knowledge of sketching or drawing, “THEY ARE NOT REAL TATTOO ARTISTS”. And so you get to see many disastrous tattoo all the time.

As per our research and understanding, people are more keen on earning through tattoo art even before they finish learning it. We strongly believe that if you are interested in learning Tattoo art and take as a hobby or a career, you need to be good in drawing/sketching, or you need to be from artistic background, or at least understand the importance of drawing/sketching and give priority to learn it while you learn tattoo art.

Unlike others, we have only one course in tattooing. We cover from the basics till the advance level of tattooing.

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